Safety is our first priority at PIC, and the proof is in the numbers.  To date, PIC has reported a Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) of 0.9 across all lines of business.  This is far below the national average for our industry of 2.5, and is a result of PIC’s “Top Led, Employee Driven” safety culture.  To stay ahead of the curve, PIC conducts safety audits alongside the customer which includes detailed plant walkthroughs, documentation reviews, and employee interviews.  During these audits, PIC uses modern technology to track compliance in real time and help our customers come up with immediate, practical solutions.  Along with PIC’s comprehensive safety procedures for both general industry and construction, PIC has built a program that ensures the safety of PIC’s number one asset – our employees.


Here are just a few of our recent safety excellence awards:

  • Occupational Excellence Achievement Award (National Safety Council)
  • Georgia Department of Labor Award of Excellence
  • Kentucky Governor’s Safety and Health Award
  • Ghent Generating Station
  • Mill Creek Generating Station
  • Cane Run Generating Station
  • E.W. Brown Generating Station
  • Barrick’s Award of Merit for Zero Lost Time Accidents


Unlike traditional safety programs, PIC has integrated safety into every aspect of our work. Everyone at PIC, from frontline workers to senior management, is responsible for and dedicated to achieving zero injuries and causing no harm to the environment. But don’t just take our word for it. Our current indicators prove our commitment to achieving environmental, health and safety excellence.


PIC’s greatest asset has always been our people. Armed with experience, training and field-proven programs, we stand ready to uphold our promise to each other and the environment, every hour of the day