Kurt Hook

Vice President of Global Operations

Kurt Hook brings over 35 years of hands-on electrical experience to PIC Group including five+ years as electrical plant console operator, training new console operators and supervising electrical plant operations on the USS Cushing, a Spruance class destroyer.  He spent four and a half years at the Naval Training Center in San Diego developing curriculum, instructing over two thousand new electricians and integrating Fiber Optics into the IC school curriculum. His technical know-how, electrical experience and training capabilities are invaluable to power industry customers developing new facilities and workforces.


In his role as Vice President of Global Operations, he will provide strong leadership to PIC’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Startup and Commissioning, Training and Documentation and Staffing service organizations in both the domestic and international markets.


Kurt’s hands-on power industry experience includes:


  • Director of Operations, West Region, EthosEnergy Group/Wood Group Power Plant Services
    Kurt had direct oversight of ten O&M contracts with over 6 GW of generation in a wide array of technologies.  He managed plant level budgets totaling over $110MM annually and ensured all O&M contracts met safety and environmental compliance requirements.


  • Facility Manager, Wood Group Power Plant Services
    While at the Cosumnes Power Project 540MW Natural Gas Fired– 2X1 Combined Cycle, Kurt earned a 0.15% Equivalent Forced Outage Rate, Zero OSHA Recordables and 100% Starting Reliability.  He also was Facility Manager at SPA Cogen / McClellan, a 60MW Natural Gas Fired– 1X1 Combined Cycle Cogen where he earned an 0.21% Equivalent Forced Outage Rate, WG President’s Award for Safety and Zero OSHA Recordables.


  • Plant and Production Manager, Florida Power & Light Engineer
    Responsible for 540MW Natural Gas Fired – 2X1 Combined Cycle, Siemens V84.3A Combustion Turbine, Siemens KN Steam Turbine, Inlet Air Chiller (Anhydrous Ammonia) and ZLD Water Treatment Facility, Kurt earned seven Environmental Excellence Awards and Zero OSHA Recordables and had oversight of compliance of all FERC, NERC and regional regulatory requirements.


  • IC Electrician, U.S. Navy
    Kurt served at the Naval Training Center and taught electrical courses and was the Electrical Plant Control Operator and Work Center Supervisor on the USS Cushing DD 985.


Kurt distinguished himself in the U.S. Navy by achieving Qualified Engineering Officer of the Watch, Qualified Engineering Duty Officer and Letters of Commendation and various other awards.  He attended National University in San Diego majoring in business administration and earned his associate’s degree from City University in Bellevue, WA.


His extensive hands-on knowledge and skillset make him an invaluable member of PIC Group’s senior management team.