Mechanical Services

PIC’s mechanical services are performed by some of the world’s leading specialists and technicians. PIC has over 20 years of experience delivering quality projects safely, on time and within budget. Services range from boiler maintenance and repair to specialty welding and rigging, to fully managed, turnkey outages. Projects include access to full-time project managers and superintendents, extended tenure and mandatory OSHA 30 supervision. All tooling and equipment is supplied by PIC and qualified candidates are recruited from an active database of craft personnel across a host of disciplines.



Staffed with full time project managers and superintendents, PIC has earned the reputation of delivering projects safely, on time, and within budget. Our management team is capable of planning and managing a side range of projects.

Quality Certifications

ASME A, S, U & PP Stamp Certified National Board R Stamp Certified CWI & API Inspectors


PIC has the capability to supply all necessary tools and equipment for a wide variety of projects. We work closely with customers to ensure execution teams are properly equipped to support each project.


PIC’s Mechanical Services division utilizes the same systematic approach to service delivery by equipping the right PEOPLE with proven PROCESSES controlled through structured PROGRAMS.  Focus on these three principles have proven to successfully guide projects to total customer satisfaction.