Operations & Maintenance

Plants operating with an integrated maintenance program are safer, more reliable and function more efficiently while returning higher output levels. Whether it’s a major or minor maintenance contract, PIC’s expert O&M division helps facility owners realize improved plant performance. From start to finish, we work with you to ensure a full integration of the maintenance program into the plant’s operational schedule. Because we are a true third-party provider, we offer all the benefits of OEM experience with no strings attached.


  • Full care, custody and control services
  • Flexible service and contract offerings
  • Risk sharing through project goal alignment
  • Continuous corporate oversight
  • Comprehensive infrastructure support for operations, EH&S, HR, IT and accounting


PIC’s O&M program allows our clients to achieve the maximum financial and operational goals for their facilities.  Implementation of a culture that instills strict program adherence and continuous operational improvement generates superior plant performance, higher profits and increased asset value.  Our O&M experience includes:


Combustion Turbine Generator

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine