Commissioning & Start-Up

Quick, efficient, and smooth transitions from construction to operation.

PIC Group provides the documentation, training and professional staffing needed to ensure a safely commissioned and tested plant that meets all expectations for design parameters and specifications, reliability, and maintainability.



PIC Group’s global staffing and recruiting services assure a rapid response in providing the specific technical skill sets and experience tailored specifically for the challenges of commissioning and startup of power plants and industrial facilities.

  • Rapid Response – Management and technical personnel may be deployed in just 5 to 7 days or as needed to assure operational readiness and regulatory compliance.
  • Diverse Skill sets – A staffing solution capability of construction managers, plant managers, operations managers, electrical and mechanical commissioning & start-up engineers and more along with the flexibility & capacity to serve across multiple industrial segments.
  • Accurate Matching of Candidates & Job Requirements – Candidates are segmented by skill set, certification, and experience. Account managers work with you to clearly define the job requirements and accurately match candidates to your specifications.



Site-specific qualification programs that assure reliable, consistent, safe plant or facility commissioning and startup.

  • Quality delivered through a proven and documented turnover process
  • Project expectations met through specific tailor-made commissioning & startup plans
  • In-house technical and documentation teams
  • Extensive technical library
  • Electronic turnover packages



PIC Group’s quality and depth of content combined with methodology of composition produce technically accurate, easy-to-use procedures that enable the quick, efficient, and smooth commissioning and startup of new plants.


Documentation includes:

  • System Descriptions, Startup and Shutdown Procedures
  • Integrated Startup / Shutdown Procedures
  • Commissioning Procedures
  • Turnover Packages
  • System and Equipment Isolation Procedures



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Thai Binh 1 Thermal Power Plant: Vietnam

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Holland Energy Park: USA

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Project Locations