Direct Hire

Partnering with companies to ensure they hire right-fit personnel for the job, PIC Group’s team of recruiting experts deliver the highest-quality direct-hire talent for your long-term organizational needs.


PIC Group’s global direct hire recruitment services assure a rapid response in providing the specific technical skill sets and prequalified personnel to accurately match candidates to your specifications.


A deep industry knowledge allows PIC Group’s direct hire team to provide unparalleled industry insight and identification of the specialized, experienced, and qualified personnel that accurately match your requirements.

  • Accurate Matching of Candidates & Job Requirements – Candidates are segmented by skill set and experience with account managers working with you to clearly define the job requirements and accurately match candidates to your specifications and organizational needs.
  • Diverse Skill sets – An extensive global resource pool of multi-national professionals to address Engineering & Design, Construction, Commissioning & Start-up, Operations & Maintenance, Outage Support and Decommissioning needs with the flexibility & capacity to serve across multiple industrial segments.
  • Rapid Response – A management and technical talent acquisition model that consolidates and expedites the entire hiring process to best fit the customer’s timing needs.
  • World-Wide Recruitment Capabilities – Recruitment specialists with extensive international expertise and deep industry knowledge that can fill positions globally.


With over 31,000 skilled professionals in its global resource pool, PIC Group can provide direct hire recruitment solutions in support of:

  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction
  • Commissioning & Start-up
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Outage Support
  • Decommissioning


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